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" We are united, carried away by the same planet, crew of the same ship. "

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We have the right to walk at a different pace. Everyone has their own approach, more or less assured, more or less regular. It is all the beauty of diversity. Move forward together.


But if only one is left out, then the human work is not complete.

To participate in this collective growth, Dendropolis wanted to bring collaborative methods outside the walls of large corporations and allow the most fragile among us to benefit.


To join a collective is to affiliate , in other words, it is to exist in the gaze of the Other ( see the work of Robert Castel ).


This is why we offer reception structures to design sensitive workshops for their public:

Halfway between a discussion group and a collaborative session , these workshops can be designed with the managers of the structure and voluntary participants.



They leave a lot of room for self-exploration , the practice of listening , non-violent communication . In addition, the collective becomes a space of responsibility and co-construction for imagining . By participating in the production of solutions and meaning for oneself and for the collective, one finds his ability to participate , to create , to enhance his skills.

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