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The human community is reinventing itself.

The global economy is reinventing itself.


Tomorrow societies will have to be more sensitive, more intuitive and more innovative.


We help organizations to write this future, by facilitating their use of collective intelligence and creativity.

For the past 10 years, Dendropolis has merged Anthropology, Arts and Strategy because we believe that there is no more beautiful technology than the human brain when it is in the Flow .



Managers, business leaders, community directors, health and education professionals, social actors ...


Passionate, concerned, artists, empathetic, dreamers, rebels ...


You are grappling with human, strategic or innovation challenges: sustainable thinking, efficiency, costs reducing, crises, attracting skills, risks management, while respecting your convictions.


What if the solutions came from the collective?




Our expertise relates to collaborative methods and creativity. By granting yourself the right to collective intelligence, you explore all the dimensions of your situation and multiply your potential for action.


Your capacity to innovate increases, you move from idea to action, you accelerate your decision-making, you let your creativity shine.


A Dendropolis workshop is an authentic human experience that your teams will never forget.


We meet your team and we design workshops and collaborative experiences for them that will change them into a creative tribe.


Our solutions are tailor-made to adapt to your culture and the specificity of your needs.

You will love free your imagination, humanize your processes, build your projects by the game, and open a new chapter in the history of your team.


Deploy solutions for a future that suits you best.


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