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"Dendropolis produces transformation, which is a very new element. Coming to this quirky place creates that necessary step aside for innovation. There is a real tendency to integrate artists and culture in companies."


Claire Martin - CSR and vice-president of the RENAULT Foundation

"I am seduced by Dendropolis' ambition and competence to achieve cross-skills between the world of action and the world of the arts. It is not enough to have engineers or economists to solve problems including technical, industrial, political or economic "


Georges Amar - Researcher Innovation Chair ECOLE DES MINES PARIS / PARISTECH

"Dendropolis is characterized by the relevance and seriousness of its work. They benefit from a precise knowledge of the strategic challenges of large groups as well as from the technical innovation processes. Their participation in our project made it possible to implement original solutions and meet the technical and human requirements of management. "


Michel Ida - Director of CEA Open Innovation

"A certain number of elected officials, communities, administrations and the political world in general should be interested in this kind of atypical seminars."


Laurence Sarton - Development of continuing education at the ENA

"The speaker is dynamic, teeming with ideas, very creative, with a vision of issues that is always very enriching."


Gérald Piat - EDF Innovation Management Expert

"The Dendropolis innovation workshop allowed us to do an effective job of detecting trends. From a compact format (1 day), our team was able to bring out global trends and a real understanding of needs. of our customers. Dendropolis is user-friendly and efficient. We were right.


Pierre Thebault - Packaging manager - PIERRE FABRE

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