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Graphic Facilitation and Artworks

What is Graphic facilitation (AKA scribe) ?

The artist capture the exhanges content during an event (meetings, seminar, conference...) and transcribe its on a wide size painting, animated film, mock-ups...

To boost the event energy.

To capitalise the findings and ideas.

To share your conclusions and synthesis.

To keep the track of your events.

To improve participation.

To capture the unsaid things and weak signals.

To restitute to the group a picture of their collective intelligence!

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Meeting facilitated

From 800 €

Internal meeting, special event. A graphic facilitator for yourself and your team to improve the production and deliverables of your workshops or meetings.

Seminar Facilitated

From 1200 €

Facilitator team deploy a customized set-up to capture your exchanges and messages during your seminar or important events. We can use video, 3D mock-ups and photography.

Subject, problems or ideas. Same thing for us, we co-design, investigate, develop and produce any kind of visual product to display in your workplaces or events.

Animated scribes

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Communicate in motion picture !


Video scribe example:



From 400€

Inspired graphic works for your presentation, websites, internal communications...

Workspaces Design

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From the conception to the set-up, we design with you the graphic and artistic environment of your workplaces, to transform it into inspiring spaces.

Music Facilitation

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Original and impacting method to capture your event. Try it if you dare !

Video chronicles

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Capture the group energy during a workshop, highlight the speakers, keep the testimonies and transformation or innovation process, communicate internally or externally.

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